Whining Noise Problems on 2003 Honda Odyssey

2003 Honda Odyssey Whining Noise1 Whining Noise Problems on 2003 Honda Odyssey

My 2003 Honda Odyssey makes a whining noise that increases in tone with wheel speed – NOT engine RPMs; while rolling, I shifted into neutral and revved the engine – the sound remained constant. A lower speed (less than 30 miles per hour), it almost feels like something rubbing or grain, but when I rotated the tires seemed to turn the rear wheels free. No sound point of explosion and other problems common to CV. I suspect that the bearings or higher, or a gearbox problem they had and have to do the retreat of the repair, but I, as I write this I have to realize not verified the level of gear oil. Any suggestion?

Answer: Bad wheel bearing, depending on which side it is making noise from, if when you turn left the noise gets louder its your right bearing, if you turn right and it gets louder its your left bearing.

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