Weird Sound on 2011 Ford F-150 Sport Steering Wheel Column

When I make a big turn with my 2011 Ford F-150 Sport, I heard a weird sound in my steering wheel column that I can feel down to the gas pedal. It’s not a huge sound, but it sounds as if I’m taking my finger and moving it up and down on a clean window. Can you tell me what’s the problems are?

2011 Ford F 150 Front Right Side View 491x300 Weird Sound on 2011 Ford F 150 Sport Steering Wheel Column

Answer: More than likely something ‘rubbing’ in the column, esp. if you ‘feel’ it. Look where steering column goes through the firewall and see if something like the floor liner is rubbing against the steering shaft. Possible even a floor mat or rug rubbing the shaft. Could also be ‘vibration’ of interior dash panels, so try changing the ’tilt’ of the wheel to a different location. You can go to to check and see if there are any technical service bulletins from FORD addressing this problem. It’s actually a very neat and free site to keep tabs on your vehicle. Good Luck!

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