Side Front Power Windows Problems on 2004 KIA Sedona

2004 KIA Sedona Power Window Problems Side Front Power Windows Problems on 2004 KIA Sedona

My 2004 KIA Sedona passenger side front window rolls up and down just fine most of the time, but if you stop while going up or down, the window will be “stuck”. Could it just be a weak window motor? or could the gear on the motor be worn out causing the play?

Answer: It is not covered under a warranty, you need to have the motor replaced. I just had the exact same problem on an ’05 KIA.

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  1. It may or may not be a window problem. On my POS KIA Sedona, I found the wiring, specifically the plug assy between the door and the jam was not making good contact. It has continued to occasionally rear it’s ugly head. When the window stops working, try other functions – door locks, other windows, etc… and see if they still work. Also, try moving the door while pushing the button.
    I will NEVER buy another KIA!!

    Pete sends…

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