Replacing Nissan Altima Brake Switch

nissan altima silver 300x180 Replacing Nissan Altima Brake Switch

I was advised to get a new brake light switch and I did, but now they still stay on.
I also checked the fuses and they’re good. (Tail lamp was only one I saw that has a labelling to do with that) Maybe a relay is bad.
Is there a second circuit or possible short in the electrical system?

Answer: Now grab a flashlight look at the brake pedal where the brake light switch touches there is a grommet that opens the electrical circuit. That grommet switch stop gets old and breaks into pieces. Look for plastic bits on the floor. Just unplug the brake light switch so the battery does not run down Nissan Dealer sells the grommet for under 8 dollars. Some time mis adjusting the brake lamp switch takes out an old grommet too. Grommet comes in several colors black clear amber and blue. Year model? Pre 2002?

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