Peugeot 307 CD Player Problems

Peugeot 307 CD Player Problems Peugeot 307 CD Player ProblemsMy 2004 Peugeot 307 CD player style is jams when I try to eject the CD’s. I took my 2004 Peugeot 307 car to audio tone and the mechanic said that I need a new player. The problem is that when I need a new player in the LCD screen on the board I can get work. I can give you a special cable to get that allows you to the steering shaft link you to take a advantage of getting a secondary market screen can know as well.
Can someone give me a good account of the update must be compatible with the screen and the trunk. or if anyone had the same problem, how to fix it.
I know it finishing with 5-CD changer, you know where I substitute the storage compartment that is in the 307 without change, how to get this little chamber ID. I can not find on E-Bay, only one disc CD changer.
We hope the answers!
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Answer: As far as I know you can only get a switch stalk adapter. Not one for the LCD screen, sorry.

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