Noise Problems on 2010 Toyota Venza

2010 Toyota Venza Noise Problems on 2010 Toyota Venza

We just got Toyota Venza. When I am driving 50 miles and more the car get very noise.I feel like there is a big storm outside the car. Does anybody have the same problem?

Answer: Most consumer reports indicate that the Toyota Venza was cheapened by installing less than adequate sound insulation, and are said to be very loud while driving at 50 or above, particularly wind noise coming in. The Venza has been introduced at a time when Toyota has been cutting corners on all their vehicles, from sound insulation, to poor grade metals which rust easily, and flimsy rubber like plastics in the interior which squeak and let in even more noise throughout the passenger compartment. And so the bad wind noise you are hearing is just normal for a Toyota–particularly the Venza. It is also said to ride rather bumpy and not smooth because of the rediculous sized tires they put on them. Good luck.

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