How Much Does an 2000 4WD Nissan Xterra take Transmission Fluid?

Red 2000 4WD Nissan Xterra1 450x300 How Much Does an 2000 4WD Nissan Xterra take Transmission Fluid?

I need to replace the transmission fluid on my 2000 Nissan Xterra. It’s a 4wd automatic, I know its easy to change the fluid but I am hearing it takes different amounts of fluid. One says a few quarts another almost 3 gallons. I am only doing the transmission for now can anyone help me? Thanks

Answer: When I preform a drain and fill on a 2000 Nissan Xterria I put approximately 3 quarts back down the dip stick tube with a long narrow funnel. Start up the truck (your not done yet) remove the funnel drive back and forth on the drive way using all the gear selections P N R D 1 2 and so on. This will allow the passage ways to fill back up. Now while running neutral or park dip the stick back in. If the stick comes out with fluid all over it wait about 3 to 5 minutes while the truck is idling and warming up for the Mercon 3 Dextron fluid is drain off the sides of the dip stick tube. Most the time if you buy 5 quarts you will have an unopened Qt. Some times it takes as little as 3 quarts most the time 4 qts. Once in a while the torque converter drains and it can take the 5. Nissan Specification for dry trans is 8 3/4 quarts 2×4 and 9 qts for 4×4. Here is the precaution if this trans has never been changed in almost 130,000 miles it may already be toasted and changing the fluid will make the transmission act funny with new fluid. Good Luck

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