Cold Start Problems on 1991 Mercedes 300E

1991 Mercedes 300E Front Angle Cold Start Problems on 1991 Mercedes 300E

I have a 1991 Mercedes 300 e which refuses to start in the morning and during cold weather. What causes this? If I park my car for a long time during cold weather it refuses to start and if it can park for the whole night the next morning it might refuse to start as well. I would try it a few times until the battery runs flat and then I have to leave it. Most of the time when I come back from work in the afternoon, especially if there had been some sunlight I would try the car again and it would start same time. What is the cause of this and how do I solve the problem?

Answer: First step when you have cold engine start problems you should check your o.v.p. (over voltage protection), then check your ignition rotor, cap, wires for cracks or signs of moisture.┬áThen your cold start valve and sensors that it relies on. If the car cranks but doesnt turn over,the battery isn’t the issue.

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