Changing Brakes and Rotors on 2005 Volvo S40

2005 Volvo S40 Front Left View 450x283 Changing Brakes and Rotors on 2005 Volvo S40

I’ve got an 2005 Volvo S40 that I need to change the brakes and rotors on the rear. How hard is it to change them? Would be great if you have had experience doing it with this model or another Volvo.

Answer: The caliper pistons screw in [turn clockwise to retract] due to the combination design of caliper and park brake. While the special tool makes it nice [snap on has only just released the new adaptor [it took 3 months to get mine] the cube shaped universal tool [available at most parts stores] can be made to fit with a bench grinder. Don’t forget to remove some brake fluid [use a brand new turkey baster, then dispose of old fluid and baster properly] from the reservoir, [this will prevent a fluid on paint spill] and when done, top up with DOT-4 brake fluid only [I prefer Castrol lma]

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