Change The Transmission Fluid on 2003 Volkswagen Golf

2003 Volkswagen Golf silver 400x300 Change The Transmission Fluid on 2003 Volkswagen Golf

I have an ’03 VW Golf with 110,000 miles on it. About a year ago at about 80,000 my transmission (automatic) started to shift funny and become real jerky between gears. I have never changed the trans fluid and multiple people have told me that changing it now would only make things worse. Any truth to this? Will a trans flush fix my problem, make things worse, or make no difference at all? Thanks in advance for your solid answers.

Answer: I just got done rebuilding a Volkswagen transmission in a beetle. They are quite expensive to rebuild. I would recommend not changing the fluid. There could be damage to the transmission causing it to shift that way. New fluid is far more abrasive than the old fluid is. It could cause immediate damage to a worn out or borderline clutch. There are bulletins out documenting computer glitches and a throttle sensor wiring issue that can cause hard shifting. Probably only a dealer or transmission rebuilder would be able to determine what the actual solution is for your car. Now keep in mind the longer it goes without being repaired the higher potential for serious damage to the transmission there is.

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