2004 Dodge Durango: How To Reset The Key Fob

2004 Dodge Durango Front Left View 382x300 2004 Dodge Durango: How To Reset The Key Fob

The battery in my 2004 Dodge Durango died and after replacing the car battery the key fob will not lock or unlock the doors. I tried replacing the battery in the fob, but that did nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is a work vehicle and it would be a serious pain in the you know what to have to unlock the driver’s door every time I have to get tools out of the back.

Answer: According to amzingkeys.com If you have at least one working remote you can self program the other remote. If you do not have any working remotes then you will need to get the dealer or a locksmith to program the remote. There are some issues with skim modules on the 2004 Durangos that only the dealer can fix. This also can affect your key less remote operation.

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