2003 Dodge Neon: Fuel Pump or ECU Fuse Located

Yellow 2003 Dodge Neon Front View 400x300 2003 Dodge Neon: Fuel Pump or ECU Fuse Located

Where is the fuel pump or ecu fuse located on a 2003 Dodge Neon? I know there is a fuse box under the hood and another next to the steering column, but they are not labeled, they are only numbered. Problem is, my car wont start, I looked up what the dashboard light(red dot on the right top corner) meant, and it was something about locking the ecu. And i read it could be reset by removing fuel pump fuse or ecu fuse for a couple of seconds. And I don’t know where any of them are. Please help.

Answer: Get a fuse diagram online, I’m sure you could find one. But what I would do, is disconnect the battery. Should do the same thing.

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