2001 Volkswagen Golf: The ABS Light Problems

Green 2001 Volkswagen Golf Front Left View 400x300 2001 Volkswagen Golf: The ABS Light Problems

I have a 2001 Volkswagen golf. When it is really hot outside, or the sun has been beating on my car for a long time, I will start my car and the ABS light will come on. But when I go to start my car in the morning, or later at night (once it has cooled off) the ABS light will no longer be on. What should I do?

Answer: Most German cars have electrical problems after 5-6 years, so if these are your only gripes, be happy. Most of the time, you’ll lose dashboard displays, lighting blows out like crazy, and the alarm/key less entry systems will work when they want. Realistically, you’re in a much better position than many other VW owners, so don’t worry about it. ABS is not necessary for inspection or safe driving. The only reason the light is coming on is an intermittent signal from a wheel speed sensor or something, there’s nothing wrong with the brakes at all. As for the key fob function, until you can’t get into the car, don’t worry about it. Your car is 9 years old, maybe 10 depending on the build date, so these are relatively minor problems. Just open the driver’s door and unlock the other doors with the button. If they really bother you, take the car to VW and have them diagnose. Once you hear the cost of parts/repair or even diagnosing time, you’ll learn to live with these minor little issues and enjoy the drive.

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