2000 Volkswagen Beetle Radio Problems

2000 VW Beetle Radio Problems 1024x768 2000 Volkswagen Beetle Radio ProblemsHave a 2000 vw beetle with radio problems, can someone help? ok it’s not on at all, no power. I’ve looked for the fuse, but can’t see any bad. It’s not showing SAFE…it has no power! The battery was dead, jumped it, however have NO radio power. Can someone help? The owners guide is no help. If you have ideas, I’ll check and double check. Thanks.

Answer: There are three fuses for the radio; the main fuse, in the fuse box in dash area ( I think its at the left dash area behind a removable cover at the side facing the door — open the door and check at the end of the dash for the panel cover), there is also the backup fuse in the engine compartment (keeps the time and radio station memory active when the ignition is off) and finally in most VW radios, there is also a fuse in the radio itself in the back near or at the harness plugs into the rear of the radio unit.

Usually removal of either the main fuse and/or the back up fuse will cause the radio to re-activate, and you’ll need the security code for the radio to input it and unlock the unit.

If you do it wrong, pull the back up fuse for the radio out of the fuse box in the engine compartment for 30 – 60 seconds and you’ll get another 3 chances to input the code correctly. The instructions for inputing the code are in the owner’s manual.
The code itself is on a card given to the owner at the time of purchase or on the card in the manual or failing that, you may find the 4 digit code or serial number to the radio on a sticker in the trunk (boot) area either on the floor or even in the spare tire well.

Hope this helps, a car nut.

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  1. Quick question, what happens if you fail all 4 times? After that would you just have to take it to the dealer or a mechanic? I ask because I put the wrong code in all 4 times and now I don’t know how to make it give me the option to input the code again, and I have the correct code this time.

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