1991 Toyota Camry Engine Starting Problems

1991 Toyota Camry Engine Starting Problems 1024x768 1991 Toyota Camry Engine Starting Problems

Put a new engine in the car and running when you start, but you have to touch the gas pedal up and down I have the fuel filters and has a good battery. I thought maybe fuel pump? Once it starts running rough until warm. You have to walk for 2 min at 3000 rpm until you are ready in no-load. Any advice would be helpful.

Answer: You did not say a 4-cylinder or V-6? Both have their different problems. The 4-cylinder had an ignition coil in the distributor, you would burn a mark on the rotor shaft (brown) and the coil is mainly in the cold cut, sometimes standing still, sometimes not working at all, is supported by plugs or cap / wire assembly tightened. The 6 had problems with the engine idling speed control is not to be open to a fast idle when cold. Also check the cam timing belt distribution. Rough and bad start, because there is one of the teeth (which are just starting the engine) – I had this problem before changing the engine? There are no vacuum leaks or broken home full recording? see that crack in the folds on the bottom so sometimes difficult. Make sure you take a toothbrush and clean the throttle well in and around the plate with some carb spray, spray, but the body – the liquid goes right in the idle speed control. that is to review some quick simple things – good luck …

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